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Construction : Web Exclusive | August 2016 | Source : CW-India

How precast speeds up high-rise construction

Worldwide, precast technology is proven to speed up construction work. The advantage of using precast products under ideal conditions allows relying on the quality of the end product. “But, the main difficulty is the cost of transporting and erecting precast panels, especially in high-rise buildings,” says Kamal N Hadker, Managing Director, Sterling Engineering Consultancy Services. 
While the technology is yet to be optimally used in India, Kumar Bharat, Director, BCC Infrastructures, says, “The various benefits of precast have prompted some major real estate industry players to embrace this technology in the housing sector. The technology addresses a key concern of developing high-rise apartments, as it reduces the need of large workforce.” The company has been using this technique in its ongoing project in Ghaziabad, Bharat City. Bharat adds, “With a reduced number of workforce, the project is both easier to manage as well as risk factors are reduced in comparison. With the help of this technique, the construction process is much organised and standardised, and dimensions are more accurate, rendering a superior finish essential for robust high-rise structures.” 
Raheja Developers has also been adopting this technique in its latest projects. Nayan Raheja, Executive Director, Raheja Developers: “The main advantages of precast technology are quality, speed of construction, and a value-for-money product. The technology helps save up to 64 per cent of construction time compared to normal methods. So, if the normal brick-and-mortar method takes one year to complete a project, the precast method takes about four months. Its benefits include having wonderful consistency as a mold is utilised.”
Further, precast combines the benefits of rapid construction and high quality materials, with the advantage of production line economy and quality assurance.
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