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Construction : Components Accessories Spares Hardware | June 2017 | Source : Equipment India

Lubes of the Future

Construction and infrastructure sector in India is gaining new momentum as the aggressive push by the government has scaled up the infrastructure development across the country. A lot of machines are involved in these projects which include, roads and highways, railways, bridges, airports, ports and irrigation. With the demand for construction equipment grows, equipment companies are designing and developing machines which are of the latest technologically. The changing designs and reducing size of engines has necessitated the lubricant manufacturers to suitably upgrade and formulate new oils and lubricants for the changing needs and demanding operating conditions of the current industry scenario.

A key technology trend emerging in lubricants is bringing down the machine downtime and improving the overall efficiency. Lube companies are focusing on developing a robust value proposition to their customers which can enhance the efficiency of their operations. This include products which offer long drain intervals which immensely help the customers in bringing down the machine down time.

While the BS-IV norms are in force in India for on-road vehicles, for off-road equipment, the BS-IV equivalent norms are expected by 2020, while the on-road vehicles will be aiming at BS-VI level. With every latest emission levels, the permissible sulphur level in diesel fuel is coming down. Sulphur being a lubricating agent in fuel, its reduced presence in the fuel can cause wear and tear to the engine parts. Engine oils can play a major role in this scenario to have the required lubrication medium.

New legislative mandates along with exhaust after-treatment system and engine hardware changes are working together to create harsher conditions in which lubricant is operating and has its effects on overall performance of the oil. Developing superior quality lubricants with the right mix of base oils of higher grades and viscosity index modifiers and additives can effectively meet these demanding situations of the new age equipment and engines. Our Special Focus on Lubricants elaborate on the various aspects of the industry with input from leading lubricant players.

Fuel contamination, either in the form of dirt or water, will find its way into your fuel system, however careful you are. Even a small amount of dirt or water corrosion can create problems to the engine and machine. Filtration systems play a major role in preventing such instances. Dalies Wilson of Parker Hannifin speaks extensively on the importance of filtration system and various products and solution offered by his company. Also read other interviews, technology articles, case studies and regular features.

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