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Construction : Special Focus | September 2017 | Source : Equipment India

Safeguarding equipment from wear and tear

Effective and efficient filtration is essential to protect equipment from contamination of various mediums: air, fuel, hydraulic oil, lubricants, water and others. Ingress of contaminants within the medium can cause excessive wear, eventually leading to equipment breakdown. Filter manufacturers are introducing advanced products and solutions to effectively take on these issues, thus reducing downtime and increasing operational efficiency of the equipment.

A filter helps maintain the engine and equipment life by removing the smallest of dirt particles which could lead to defunct of fuel injection systems and other critical components. Filters and filter components are the backbone of an engine system. The emission norms are becoming stringent. The future of diesel engine relies on increasingly stringent exhaust emission requirements, while the quality of diesel fuel continues on a worldwide decline. New diesel engines require extraordinary fuel cleanliness and freedom from water contamination to meet these requirements. Effective and efficient filtration system is imperative for the engine system for an efficient operation of the equipment.

Filtration system is also important considering the various steps involved in the production, transportation and storage of fuels such as diesel. Diesel fuel produced in the refineries is usually stored in large tanks before being transported to the various locations by ships, pipeline, tanker trucks or rail tanker wagons. These shipments of diesel fuel are then received at the oil company terminals, where again they are stored in large capacity tanks. From these storage locations, the diesel is finally transported to the customer fuel tank, from which the fuel is filled into the fuel tank of the end-use application machine. At various stages in these steps, there is a possibility of contaminants mixing with the fuel which causes the wear and tear of equipment parts resulting in the breakdown of the equipment. Here is the filters playing their role in safeguarding the machines from the contaminants in the fuel by effectively filtering and preventing from the fuel to enter the engine system.

With the demand for construction equipment and commercial vehicles going up, there is a great demand for better filtration media. Also, with the controlled opening of the mining industry, mining equipment demand is also will be on the rise going forward.

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