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Construction : Communication Feature | April 2018 | Source : Equipment India

Intelligent Technologies

A skyscraper or super-tall building is usually characterised as a landmark in a city. For smooth construction of these structures, it is necessary to have experts who can manage technologies from material to maintenance, and apply them to work. The basic technologies of skyscrapers are construction of mega mat foundation, delivering architectural load into the ground, structural system optimisation, high-rise building measurement technology, and construction equipment technology. Concrete pumps technologies are essential for high-rise buildings. Today, various range of concrete pumping machines are available that are economical and smart. It also helps in placing the concrete at the desired height and place.

Stationary concrete pump (with i-Pump technology)
KYB-Conmat offers the complete range of stationary concrete pumps with i-Pump technology. Sailaj Verma, Senior Vice President - Sales, KYB-Conmat India, shares more, 'KYB-Conmat pursues a research and development (R&D) strategy that is closely linked to its client's expectations. This needs alignment, and the perpetual success of the stationary concrete pumps has given the industry a whole range of i-Pump technology machines which includes the SCP 5000 and SCP 7500. The stationary concrete pump with intelligent controls has many features like S-Valve technology, robust electronic operation controls, management with manual overdrive, etc. Also, it is suitable for high-pressure pumping in Indian ambient conditions. That is why it is one of the most compact pumps in its class.'

He adds, 'The i-Pump technology concrete pump makes transfer and placement easier and faster for casting of civil structures. It also reduces manpower requirements at the site and also avoids human errors in the process. This makes the i-Pump technology machines economical to run and are environmentally friendly.'

Rack & pinion construction elevator
Earlier, wood scaffoldings were used by workers to bring the material at different elevations of the building. This was unsafe for human life, labour-oriented, time-consuming and not accurate as well, thus delaying the project on site. This gave birth to the rope-type elevator, which underwent further innovation to rack and pinion elevator. It is used for man and material movement and is self-erecting.

Safety during operation is the major concern of the industry. To tackle this challenge, KYB-Conmat elevators have been designed, keeping in mind the human and the machine safety. It has 1, 1.5 and 2 tonne capacity rack and pinion construction elevator, which is used for passenger movements and also to carry goods and materials that can be used for under construction buildings. The operation of elevator is completely automatic PLC-based with HMI system.

The safety device in the KYB-Conmat construction elevator ensures that even in a complete failure of the drive, the cage will not fall down. A mechanical, spring loaded safety brake is a standard feature in all KYB-Conmat elevator models. It improves the safety and reliability of the elevator in everyday use. The safety brake is well protected from dirt and dust, which is practically maintenance-free.

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