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Construction : Civic Sense | May 2018 | Source : CW-India

"Tenders for reservoir projects are likely to be called for,"says Tadipatri Municipal Commissioner

At our recent Smart Urbanation Summit in Hyderabad, organised by Smart Cities Council India, Tadipatri was not just felicitated for its initiatives under AMRUT, but its municipal corporation was also honoured for its solid waste management initiative. Indeed, this newly industrialised city in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh is going all out to achieve its smart goals, as S Siva Rama Krishna, Municipal Commissioner, Tadipatri Municipality, shares with SHRIYAL SETHUMADHAVAN and RAHUL KAMAT...

Tell us about upcoming developments in your city.

There have been several changes in Andhra Pradesh with many cities rendering their services, especially in the areas of public grievances. We have also been working towards strengthening our financial stability and have introduced various modules to improve our services to the satisfaction of the people.
In terms of infrastructure development, several projects are being launched. All our work systems have been introduced with smart technology, eliminating the need for manual work. Also, the entire city is supported with CCTV surveillance for security. The corporation is also undertaking sanitation and similar projects.

We are introducing geo-monitoring, through which we can track vehicle movement and the garbage collection process in the entire city. Also, we have moved on from signing the register to taking biometric attendance within the corporation. Further, our meetings now have online agendas and all data servicing is going online.

Are there any tenders that will be floated in the future?
Tadipatri Municipality is an AMRUT city. We have several projects coming up under the Housing for All scheme. Tenders have been finalised and work is in progress. On the water supply front, projects worth Rs 1.4 billion are on. Tenders have been floated and these are ready to launch. Also, tenders for reservoir projects are likely to be called for.

Is there any theme you are adopting for the city?
The city was formed in the 15th century. There are two temples 30 km away. We get around 10 lakh visitors per year. So we want to make it a tourist destination and are investing nearly Rs 60 million towards the development of a major park. Our city has covered almost 95 per cent roads, in which we have an underground drainage system and both liquid and solid waste management. We are supplying recycled water for the cooling of boilers. Dry waste is collected by UltraTech Cement. This and several other initiatives led us to receive the Swachha city award.

What is the total amount budgetted for the overall city plan?
In general, our council approved Rs 1.29 billion as its annual budget this March. Our total asset for the city is nearly Rs 10 billion. As for projects under smart cities, we have budgetted nearly Rs 100 million.

Cities face challenges in terms of raising funds. What are your fundraising plans?
Every year, cities are dependent upon the grants coming from the state and the Central Government. But Tadipatri is a different case.

We have nearly Rs 270 million of fixed deposits with us and these are different types of funds. We are generating funds by converting all the vacant sites into a shopping complex; we are generating an income of Rs 1 billion from the shopping complex. We are introducing usage charges for drainage and garbage collection. In fact, we are getting a sum of Rs 30 million per annum from liquid and solid waste management. We also have plans to raise funds. We have met officials and relevant people, and are discussing the raising of funds from ULB bonds, and to provide people with more technical and improved services.

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