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Construction : Special Focus | May 2018 | Source : Equipment India

Hydraulic attachments are the future of infra development

A single carrier (construction equipment) with various attachments can do multiple jobs. P Royston, Business Line Manager - Hydraulic Attachment Tools, Epiroc Mining India, elaborates more on the advantages and opportunities of attachments in the current scenario.

How important is using attachments in an equipment? What are the advantages?
An excavator can be used in a versatile way and can be termed as carrier. A single carrier can do multiple jobs with various attachments such as breakers, cutters, crushers etc. The advantage is less investment on excavator part and expedited multiple jobs done at single location.

What are the various attachments you offer for construction/mining equipment?
We offer hydraulic breakers for construction and mining industry and bucket crushers, combi cutters, drum cutters, demolition pulverisers, bulk pulverisers, plate compactors, steel cutters etc for construction industry.

Do you offer customised and standard attachments? What are the application areas?
We have a range of standard attachments that are being used dominantly in quarry segment, demolition, trenching, foundation, primary breaking and boulder breaking in mines, tunnelling in underground projects and underwater breaking applications.

Which are the major ongoing projects where your products are in use?
Some of the projects in our kitty include Jammu-Udhampur railway project, Mumbai metro project, Navi Mumbai airport project, limestone mines of Birla Corporation, demolition of flyover in Patna, new airport in Goa, and expansion of jetty at Jamnagar port.

What are the basic and allied systems required to make equipment capable of using multiple attachments?
Conversion kit is required to enable to supply the required oil flow rate and operating pressure to the attachment and based on working requirement, conversion
kits are made such as double-acting conversion kit, drainage line kit, etc.

What are the major factors that influence the synergy between the equipment and attachment while in operation?
The following are important factors:
Requirement of customer: Application and productivity required Weight lifting capacity of excavator Capacity of excavator's hydraulic pump to generate the required oil flow rate and operating pressure

How do you look at the demand for attachments in an equipment? What are the opportunities and challenges?
With increased construction and de-construction requirements, usage of multiple attachments is widely increased that leads to term equipment as carrier. At construction/demolition sites, to avail and use carrier to the fullest and maintain the versatility of the carrier with space constraints, demand of attachment has increased.
This increasing demand is an opportunity. However, the challenge is that customers are still hesitant to go for attachments other than breakers and variants of buckets, due to price issues. Other problem is that of finance as multiple attachments may not get financed on a single excavator by banks or non-banking financial institutions.
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