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Construction : Web Exclusive | September 2018 | Source : CW-India

The Tipping Point of the Workspace Revolution

Flexible working is expanding. Across the world, the workspace sector has been rapidly evolving and is now reaching a tipping point, with a report last year stating that 30 per cent of corporate real estate is likely to comprise of flexible workspace by 2030. With almost one in three buildings set to adopt this type of workplace structure, what has driven this prolific rise?

Technology has advanced to a point where flexible working is more viable than ever. It’s projected that within two years, 80 per cent of the world’s population will own a smartphone, with 4G connections allowing them to stay in contact anywhere. With this incredible connectivity, it’s more feasible than ever for people to work from wherever they choose.

And with this freedom of choice, workers are seeing massive boosts in productivity. From shifts as personal as a lack of distractions, to more practical considerations such as proximity to new customers and existing clients, the ability to choose where to work can considerably enhance output. And as the quality and level of output and employee satisfaction grows, businesses are recognising the benefits as well. Financially, the savings on flexible working real estate can easily be in the region of 75 per cent.

It’s no surprise then that business leaders are eager to explore flexible working strategies. And it’s organisations like Regus they turn to. Regus provides the ability to operate from practically every city in the world – an unparalleled level of service. Businesses can grow in a way that’s incredibly agile and adaptable, all while benefiting from services such as dedicated account managers and convenient online booking systems.

But it’s not just the corporate sector that benefits. For landlords and property owners, this flexible workspace revolution is providing the opportunity to ensure you’re growing your investment. There’s no need to abandon conventional leases completely, but by adding flexible workspace to your portfolio, you’re creating a valuable and reliable source of income by leveraging clients who don’t have the choice, or want the commitment, of long-term rentals.

And by partnering with a flexible co-working space provider like Regus, you’re helping to create vibrant business centres with an ever-changing cast of energetic tenants – environments that have knock-on benefits for the surrounding community and landscape. A CBRE report suggested that 71 per cent of flexible occupiers believe they’re vital to delivering corporate real estate objectives – these are mindful occupiers who care about the space they use.

The tipping point in the workspace revolution is rapidly approaching. The opportunities for fast-moving businesses and property owners are clear – and abundant.

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