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Construction : Civic Sense | December 2018 | Source : CW-India

Dholera is industry 4.0 ready, focussing on newer technologies, says Jaiprakash Shivahare, MD, Dholera SIR

One of India's largest greenfield smart cities and industrial corridor projects under the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC), Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) is located approximately 100 km south of Ahmedabad and 130 km from Gandhinagar. The city has been conceptualised and designed as a global manufacturing and trading hub that will be supported by world-class infrastructure.

The project aims to double the employment potential, triple industrial output and quadruple exports from the region in the next five years. Jaiprakash Shivahare, Managing Director, Dholera SIR, shares more on the upcoming developments in the region with SHRIYAL SETHUMADHAVAN.

Introduce us to the construction opportunities in Dholera.
The ongoing and upcoming procurement tenders for Dholera include the selection of MSI for the activation area in Dholera; landfill for 83 hectare; canal front development including civil, landfill, MEP and landscape (two tenders); detailed design of Sukhbhadar river flood management; service area (17 nos) building construction; construction of trunk infrastructure (roads and services) of Town Planning Scheme No. 2B-3 area; and integrated solid waste management.

With Dholera SIR expected to be completed in 2018-19, how much has been currently achieved?
The construction of the 22.54-sq-km (2,254 hectare) Activation Area of DSIR is approximately 50 per cent complete. Ten trunk infrastructure construction contracts with a value of approximately Rs 28 billion are in active construction. These include roads and services, water treatment plants, STPs, central effluent treatment plants, water transmission pipelines, Adhiya River Bunding, Power T&D, and ICT. This apart, the Administration and Business Centre of Dholera (ABCD) will be completed this month. A 5,000-MW solar plant is planned in the CRZ, and the first phase of a 1,000-MW solar tender has been released.

An EoI for social infrastructure has been issued for private companies who wish to build social amenities such as hospitals, schools, universities and playgrounds.

Among the first smart cities in India to be conceptualised and the first Platinum rated city in the country, tell us about the smart features.
The SCADA system has been installed for potable water transmission and distribution; recycled water transmission and distribution; sewage collection system; and industrial effluent collection system. State-of-the-art street lighting system has been installed along with Wi-Fi and video surveillance for city-wide network. Power cables and communication cables have been fitted from service areas to passenger shelters for real-time information and advertisement facility. And, the city's integrated operations centre will preferably be one integrated multi-purpose set of centres (under one roof in ICT building) for complete city surveillance, traffic monitoring and management, emergency response, disaster management and a host of other functions.

Dholera is industry 4.0 ready, focussing on newer technologies. Dholera Industrial City will host many technologies and solutions with an integrated platform and command control centre, which will include all city applications (e-governance, e-health, e-education, safety and security), utilities, transportation and connected buildings using futuristic technologies like big data, analytics, IoT, blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) with the real-time monitoring and controlling. Dholera's planned ICT technologies, especially AI-enhanced urban transportation, smart grids, renewable energy, waste and water management, and urban farming, will not only reduce CO2 emissions but also improve energy, water and food security, and effectively address climate change and environmental issues.

Asia's largest 5,000 MW solar park is going to be developed in the city...
Dholera Industrial City Development (DICDL) is all set to develop the world's largest single-location ultra mega solar power park. It has joined hands with Gujarat Power Corporation as its state agency for the development.

About 11,000 hectare has been dedicated for the development of renewable energy generation of an estimated 5,000 MW.

The city has plans to source 30 per cent renewable energy to the energy requirement of 380 MW of Activation Area.

It is also known that Dholera will be connected with Ahmedabad as a twin city through a six-lane express highway
The six-lane express highway will reduce the commuting time from Ahmedabad to Dholera from 120 minutes to less than 75 minutes. It will uplift the economic and social development of the villages and generate employment opportunities. The metro system is being planned along the expressway; this will minimise the need for newer land. The expressway design has been completed, tenders will be floated in early 2019, and construction will be completed by 2021-22.

What is the progress on the city's airport plan to provide global connectivity?
The Dholera International Airport has received all the approvals and clearances from the state and Central governments. The Airports Authority of India has agreed for in-principle equity participation and the airport has been planned to be operational by 2022.

Tell us about the total investment in the development of Dholera SIR?
A total investment of Rs 44 billion is proposed for the development of the Activation Area. Of this, contracts worth Rs 28 billion have been awarded and construction is in progress. The project is funded by the Government of India through NICDIT Trust and the Government of Gujarat through DSIRDA, in the form of 49 per cent equity and 51 per cent land, respectively.

Highlight the city's infrastructure that makes it world-class.
Dholera's land parcels range from 5 hectare to 140 hectare and can be combined to produce parcel size up to 750 hectare.

The city will use ICT as an underlying enabler in all spheres and will integrate multiple essential disciplines, will facilitate ease of doing business and ease of living, along with a platform for efficient operations and administration. Zero waste discharge and capturing storm water runoff to minimise flooding and property damage adds to the sustainability features. While the businesses and industries will create jobs for people to come to Dholera for work, the residential zones will ensure that the employees and their families can walk to work and improve their quality of life in a pre-planned city.

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