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Construction : Web Exclusive | July 2013 | Source : Construction Update

Experts suggest optimal network of transport

Transportation experts suggest that cities in India must have an optimal network of multi-modal public transport, which comprise of a combination of the Metro Rail and a good feeder system.

They feel that Indian cities must avoid a very dense network of the Metro, which is adopted by many cities in the developed world like Paris.

According to the optimal network of multi-modal public transport, the metro rail corridor must be limited to the high demand corridors and cover the rest of city with a good feeder system.

Owing to the lack of a multi-modal approach to planning of such proposals and poor co-ordination among agencies with similar roles, cities end up seeing proposals for dense metro rail network, experts feel.

The recent announcement by the transport minister to widen many roads in Bengaluru based on a proposal by the traffic police is another example of the sorry state of affairs, experts feel.

Experts suggest that all proposals must be scientifically vetted (based on the policy of sustainability) by an expert agency, which has been created for multi-modal co-ordination and has in-house simulation tools and models to help the government understand how good or bad they are in terms of sustainability.

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