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Construction : Communication Feature | October 2015 | Source : CW-India

Express Painting - Faster, Cleaner, Better

Berger Paints presents a whole new painting technology - Express Painting - to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the painting process.

Creators of a number of trend setting innovations, Berger Paints, the second largest decorative paint company in India and the sixth largest in Asia, has recently announced the launch of its latest innovative offering - Berger Express Painting, an initiative to upgrade the painting process with the use of automatic painting machines, making it ´Faster, Cleaner and Better´. Always driven by innovation and challenges, Berger Paints has once again taken the lead and introduced this painting process innovation, which is why Berger Paints ranks 35th among the top 50 brands in India as reported by Millward Brown in their BrandZTM Top 50 most valuable Indian brands research study.

All-in-one solution
Market research over the past decade has shown that consumers face two primary issues with painting:
1.The entire process is time-consuming and disrupts normal routine of homes or offices, making it inconvenient for consumers.
2.There are a few health hazards associated with painting, the dust generated during sanding which creates respiratory problems for both the painter and consumers - young and the elderly - and also makes the house look messy.
Both these issues will now be addressed by the Berger Express Painting technology.

Valuing time and money
One of the tools offered is the Sander which comes with an in-built vacuum suction system, which draws the dust into a bag, thereby keeping the surroundings dust-free. Another tool is the Auto-Roller which pumps paint directly from the bucket to a roller for application on the wall, thus minimising paint spillage during the painting process and making it a cleaner one. This mechanisation using Berger Express Painting tools also speeds up the surface preparation and painting process, ensuring that the job is completed in about half the time as compared to manual processes. Typically, a 15-days paint job will now be completed in 8-9 days. Lastly, the mechanised painting process delivers better surface preparation and a uniform finish, making it better, and thus living-up to the Berger Express Painting promise of ´Faster, Cleaner and Better.´ Most importantly, this is all done at the same cost of conventional painting, providing greater value for money to the customer.

Pan India
Launched nationally in a phased manner, Berger Express Painting is being made available across all states in India.

Going all the way
As part of the concept, in addition to providing the Berger Express Painting technology and usage training to the applicators, Berger is also setting up the infrastructure to train painting applicators on customer sensitisation and support, to ensure that the customer painting experience is enhanced. Berger Paints considers itself to be in the business of décor and aesthetics and not merely selling cans of paint. It is this philosophy which has led Berger to introduce innovations like Berger Express Painting which is focused on making the painting experience for consumers, engaging, convenient, fun and all about self-expression.

(Communication by the management of the company)

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