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Construction : Equipments | February 2016 | Source : Equipment India

Seeing Eye-to-Eye

Biomatiques Identification Solutions is the only company in India which promotes iris-based recognition technology.

Iris recognition is the best authentication process available today. It simply involves taking a picture of the iris, which is used solely for authentication. Biomatiques Identification Solutions Pvt Ltd is leading the way in iris recognition technology as the only Indian manufacturer. The company's vision is to continue the development of the best yet simplest and most accurate iris recognition technology for end users. By focusing on quality and latest technology, Biomatiques ensures a high level of identity security and access control with their range of iris scanners and iris recognition software provided to end-users worldwide.

The company's embedded systems and software development continuously works towards providing customised, cost-effective and reliable solutions to its clients. Their range of products including standalone and cluster, provide security solutions for individuals, townships, government departments and from small-medium enterprises to large corporations. The areas of application for the products are vast - from tracking employees' schedule adherence, basic access control mechanisms in apartments to large corporates, immigration, law enforcement and many more.

Biomatiques has developed several biometric iris recognition solutions using its patented hardware and algorithm to match product costs with finger recognition system. The company provides comprehensive and customised solutions for its clients who come from diverse fields of business with varying levels of application. They continue to increase their market share by offering an increasingly innovative and latest iris-based products, that have along a wide variety of applications such as monitoring time and attendance, access control, social security and healthcare, law enforcement and many more.

Iris scanner
Biomatiques launched its latest range of iris scanners and became the first Indian company to revolutionise iris recognition technology. The EPI-000 is a one-stop solution for access management and verification. Besides having the highest level of accuracy, the EPI-1000 is simple to use and provides iris images of exceptional quality - compliant to ISO/IEC 19794-6 standards, for both enrollment and verification. Since it uses iris recognition technology, it eradicates the possibility of manual verification, proxies, encouraging punctuality, and increasing efficiency. EPI-1000 is the only Indian-made iris scanning device with an STQC certification, making it Aadhar enabled and the most feasible biometric verification solution.

Leading the way?
Tamaal Roy, CEO of Biomatiques Identification Solutions Pvt. Ltd
, introduced the iris-based identification solution in India. In 1985, Roy became a self-learned computer professional at a time when professional courses in computer science were not available. He then ventured into the new emerging Information Technological field. In 2012, he started Biomatiques Identification Solutions Pvt Ltd with the aim to manufacture the first indigenous iris scanner. It is notable to highlight the fact that this is only the 13th company worldwide to have a patented iris recognition product in the market and the first Indian company to step into the market. Roy is actively involved in the IT and biometrics domain. He believes in the mantra that "There are no shortcuts to success. Success is the outcome of hard work, patience and dedication".

òSupports all major OS such as Windows, Android, Linux and Mac OS
òAdded supports of many Embedded OS
òEasy integration with supplied SDK
òISO compliant iris image output
òFree iris SDK for development and implementation

òAccess control
òPublic safety and law
òBorder control
òData centre

òSTQC certified only Indian iris authentication device
òRigorously tested for durability, performance and compliance
òOnly indigenously made patented hardware
òCopyrighted iris feature extraction algorithm
òMade in India
òEnd-to-end pre-sale and post-sale local support
òEasy module integration with many other systems such as ATMs, PoS, MicroATM etc.

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