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Construction : Equipments | February 2016 | Source : Equipment India

Eyes don't lie.

-Tamaal Roy, CEO, Biomatiques Identification Solutions Pvt Ltd

Can you give a brief on the company's activities?
We concentrate mainly on iris technology, which is the highest form of biometrics. There are many types of biometric identifications like voice, fingerprint, face, palm and iris.

What are the various applications of this iris biometrics identification?
Biometrics itself is meant for identification and access control which is required in each and every vertical of the industry. Construction equipment and automobiles in particular, both are really accountable industries as far as iris biometrics is concerned. There are many cases of accountability of this technology where a person falls off the crane and dies, a car crashes people on road, etc. Nobody seems to be at fault because it is too difficult to identify.

How cost-competitive is this device?
Our device is really cost-competitive. In fact the reason for our patent to be valuable to us is not that we invented the contracts by ourselves, but because we invented a way of making it available at international standards at an affordable cost. The patent is valid for five years and after that we have to renew it.

Can this product be upgraded onto an existing automobile or equipment?
Of course, even the existing models can be used in these vehicles. But preference will be upgraded and user-friendly devices in cars and other automobiles, because of ECM presence.

What is your market vision for this product?
This product is applicable in every sector of the industry, be it automobile, construction, home segment, etc. In electronic locks one can activate the iris biometrics which permits the entry of only the authorised person. In one line I can say, the eyes don't lie.

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