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Construction : Site Report | February 2016 | Source : Equipment India

Genie Boosts Indian Navy´s Capabilities

For the first time, the Indian Navy is using big booms from Genie for repair and maintenance.

The Indian Navy has been developing a ´blue-water navy´ where its maritime force has the capabilities to operate across the deep waters of open oceans. The Navy has thus undergone rapid modernisation to replace its ageing ships to achieve ´blue-water´ dominance in the Indian Ocean. Strong economic growth has allowed India to further ramp up defence expenditure and catalysed the Navy´s rapid upgrading and expansion. Consequently, there is a great demand for the right equipment to facilitate repair works, especially on big ships.

The Navy saw Genie capabilities as the right fit for the job. Genie® ZX™-135/70 and Genie® S™-40 booms were found to be most relevant for this tender work. They ordered 17 booms, which included five Genie® ZX™-135 articulating booms and 12 Genie® S™-40 units of telescopic booms.

This is the first time that the Navy is using such big booms for repair and maintenance. They have equipped every dockyard with at least three booms, including one unit of Genie® ZX™-135/70.

The right fit
Genie®S™-40 boom lift is perfect for repair and maintenance work on ground dockyard because of the following features:

Manoeuverability: A 360° continuous rotation turntable for quick positioning with up to 46 ft work at a height of 31 ft 8 in and lift capacity of 227 kg.

Safety: Workers can work safely from different angles in typically crowded dockyard sites while providing them with the height and capacity needed for repair and maintenance work on dockyard grounds.

The Genie® ZX™-135/70 is perfect for warship repair and maintenance work because of the following features:

Exceptional outreach: It can go high to ensure easy access to all parts of a warship. With 141 ft working height and outreach of 70 ft, the machine offers versatility from the side of a dock. The engine-powered articulating boom lifts give the workers extra reach to work over and around obstacles for maintenance jobs. Larger work envelopes provide workers with access to hard-to-reach places, thus improving productivity and maintaining safety. It also enables workers to gain easy outreach over the low flat deck. It has also proven effective at accessing vessels in dry dock.

Stability and narrow profile: The new XChassisTM design drive chassis extends and retracts to provide both stability on the job and narrow profile for transport.

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