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Construction : Cover Story | March 2016 | Source : Equipment India

´Make in India´ Initiative by Tata Hitachi

The new ZAXIS GI series has taken the excavator technology to the next level through its features and offerings.
Tata Hitachi´s global initiative, the ZAXIS GI series hydraulic excavators are manufactured at Tata Hitachi´s Kharagpur plant, in tune with ´Make in India´ initiative. With the launch of the ZAXIS GI series, the Indian construction scenario would take a quantum leap into a new dimension of excavation work in mining and infrastructure sectors.

The new ZAXIS GI series has taken the excavator technology to the next level through its features and offerings. HIOS-III (Human & Intelligent Operation System), which is the latest in hydraulic technology offering from Hitachi across the globe, coupled with a powerful engine, not only delivers higher production in tight job schedules, but also improves fuel efficiency by 10 per cent. Features such as Auto Idle, Power Modes, Work Modes and longer change intervals of consumables enable the customers in achieving significant savings in operating costs. ZAXIS GI series has been designed with a rock- solid undercarriage, sturdy upper structure and reinforcements on front attachments which have resulted in enhanced durability. The operators´ cabin has been designed with special focus on operators comfort, safety and ergonomics.

ZAXIS GI series features such as on board ICX (Data Controller) and Global e- service, enable data downloads, machine location identification and machine maintenance and performance monitoring by the customer. However, what puts ZAXIS GI series ahead of its contemporaries is ConSite - Next-generation service solution utilising ICT. ConSite closely monitors machines´ operational status and alarms, ensuring the customer have optimally tuned machines to meet their specific needs by sending monthly operational reports and notifying emergency alarms via email.

Data report service: Lets customers visualise operational status of machines and monitor machines day to day operation status in order to maintain optimum efficiency and performance.

Alarm report: If the machines alarm goes off and the problem requires urgent attention to the prevent downtime, an emergency alarm report will be sent to the registered email address.

Monthly report: A detailed report of the operational status for each machine will be sent to the registered email address on a monthly basis.

In keeping with its stature as the trendsetter in the industry, Tata Hitachi is now proud to present its ZAXIS GI series of hydraulic excavators, which will mark the beginning of a new era for Tata Hitachi as this range will cater to the Indian, as well as the global construction equipment markets through exports.

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