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A look at glass
In this focus on architectural or construction glass, the search is for functional versatility. The buyer could be the architect, the builder, the glass fabricator, cutter, the retailer, the interior decorator and home, office and recreational building owner. Manufacturers have focused on how glass can best serve to cool during the summer, reduce exposure to environmental pollution and increase efficiency in the workplace. The question for marketing gurus is the type of glass sought and volume of business. The vast variety of architectural and automotive glass available in the market has enhanced performance standards for internal and external design parameters. We look at the possibilities for glass in the country, - major players, their products and applications.

Asahi India Safety Glass Ltd mostly fabricates automotive safety glass. The company provides safety glass requirements for the Indian passenger car industry. The products include laminated windshields, tempered glass for side and backlites, zone tempered glass for windshields, silver printed defogger glass, black ceramic printed flush fitting glass and PVC-encapsulated fixed glass.
Contact: B M. Labroo Chairman, Global Business Park, 5th Floor, Tower-B, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, Gurgaon-122002, Haryana. Tel.: +124-8962212-19. Fax: +124 8962244 88 Web:

Aluplex are leaders in facade engineering, Aluplex has led the way in standard-qlzed or customized curtain walls, structural glazing, suspended glass and skylights. Aluplex affords flexibility for architects to achieve ambitious glazing and fagade design. Solutions are designed and engineered out at the company's design centre in Mumbai, which works to create exterior multi-dimensional facades.
The wholly Indian company was founded in 1985 by Navin Keswani and is today the leader in the curtain wall industry, a position achieved through extensive commitment, technology and outstanding customer service. Aluplex Glazing Systems are manufactured at an integrated facility which includes an electro-colour anodizing plant and electrostatic powder-coating plant.
Contact: Aluplex India Pvt Ltd, Sales & Contracts, Regd Office: 101 Linkway, 14lh Road, Khar (West), Mumbai 400 052. Tel-: 6042235, Fax: 6461780; e-mail: Web: http:/ / /3195/aluplex.htm

Floatglass India Ltd has set up a state of the art float glass manufacturing plant with an annual capacity of 500 tonnes at Taloja near Mumbai. Asahi Glass of Japan undertook the factory turnkey project and entered into joint ventures with a number of Tata concerns at the inception of the company, giving the brand technical and market advantages.
The basic float glass manufactured is either marketed direct, or sold for further processing by other glass manufacturers. It is then tempered, hardened, shaped and heat treated for end-use in segments such as automobile, windscreen. The main offtake is for structural and architectural purposes. Float glass from Floatglass India is also available in tints of bronze and grey, and an additional tint known as Euro-green.
Contact: Om S Kapore, DGM, 604/605 Keshava 6"1 Floor, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai 400051. Tel.: 6520101/02/05, 6590104. Fax: 6592837. E-mail:

Grindwell Norton is a 51% subsidiary of Saint Gobain. Its interests range from flat glass to industrial ceramics, which includes abrasives. Its products have strong brand equity and a well-established distribution network. It's competitive advantages stem from access to parent's R&D, a wide range and well-established network.
Contact: Web:

Glaverbel, headquartered in Belgium, are also large scale manufacturers of uncoated float glass, coated double glazed glass and categories of reflective solar control coated glass. The company is well represented in the middle east and in Asia. Marketed in India through Glavindia, the basic substrate brand is Planibel; Thermobel is the insulating version and Thermoplus guarantees low-E insulation. Low-E is manufactured through Magnetically Sputtered Vacuum Deposition (MSVD). The functional guarantee is further enhanced in a combination with the reflective brand Stopsol.
Solarbel vacuum solar control is coated off-line with metal alloys sputtered by a continuous electromagnetic process in a high vacuum. The combination with Stratobel utilizes an interlayer of PVB with Solarbel oriented towards the outside and coating in position 2. The Solarbel Color version utilizes colored interlayers with Solarbel coating always in position 3. In Stopray insulating unit, one surface is coated with a layer of pure gold or silver, for low E and appropriate shading coefficient. Colorbel spandrel glass consists of a clear, body tinted Stopsol with an opaque enamel layer. Glaverbel glass sheets come in standard and special thickness and large surface size, to order.
Contact: Glavindia, 507 Gateway Plaza, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai 400 076. Tel.: 022 5706048, 5702049, 5700872, Fax: 022 5703998. E-mail: . Web:

Gujarat Guardian Ltd has been promoted by Guardian Industries Corp, USA and Modi Group. The main product is float glass, brand name Modiguard. Purchased for installations which call for optical clarity; brand extensions are in the form of reflective, low-E, laminated, security, insulating, and heat-treated glass. Gujarat Guardian has a wide distribution network and is the only glass manufacturer to achieve ISO 9002 standard.
The float glass is clear, bronze or gray tinted. Special thickness of 15 mm and 19 mm has been introduced. Compared to the quality on offer, product pricing is competitive, on account of advantages such as a backward area factory site and availability of natural gas.
Contact 4-7C, DDA Shopping Centre, New Friends Colony, New Delhi-110065. (011-6314007&011-6314008 Patel House, 54 N.S Patkar Marg, Mumbai - 400007. Tel.: 022-3633927, 022-3634746, 022-3632049 Web:

Haryana Sheet Glass Ltd. The principal activities of the company are the development, manufacturing and marketing of sheet glass of 8 mm and 12 mm thickness. Manufacturing utilises the traditional semi-automated procedure of glass manufacture. Some distortion, but flat glass sheets are marketed at competitive rates.
Limited, Prashant Vihar D-3, New Delhi 110 085. Tel.: +91 786 6821, +91 787 6991. Web:

Pacific Fire Controls has been restructured and is now run by Rakesh Arora. As an exclusive source for fire rated clear glass, the brand provides insulation and radiant heat protection with integrity and is available in pre-specified cut sizes. It is suitable for partition walls, fixed glazing, fire doors and suitable fire rated glazing channels.
Contact: Rakesh Arora, Pacific Fire Controls, 102 B.M.C.Bhawan, 11\56 D.B.Gupta Road, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-110005. Tel.: +11-3674884, Mobile: 9811056364. Fax : 91-11-7251313. Website :

Saraf Glass Pvt. Ltd. are manufacturers and suppliers of glass bricks, which are are hollow glass blocks available in a variety of patterns. Saraf's double glazing glass (double panes spaced by dry air), is branded Solar Guard and is insulating.Air Space: 6mm, 8mm, lOrnm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm Maximum Size: 3000mm x 2000mm S G Traders are the official trading house for the range of Saraf glass varieties and decorated glass such etching, beveling and stained glass. Other than architectural product range, the double glazed glass finds use in erators and train windows. Reflective and PVB laminated glass from S G Traders are available in sizes upto 2000 mm, in combinations of single and double glazing and clear PVB in thicknes of 0.38mm and 0.76mm
Contact: Sanjay Saraf, Saraf Glass Pvt Ltd, P23-24, Radha Bazar Street, Kolkata - 700 001. Tel.: +33- 242 4551, 242 9515, 243 4163, 210 0831. Fax: 242 9216. Email:

Saint-Gobain Glass India is the newest entrant. When the company first set up business in India, initial sales were effected through imports of the French multinational's manufacture. Technological manufacturing enhancements in a two year old plant at Sriperumbudur, near Chennai, have led to fifth place in the float glass market for Saint Gobain. Technological perfection assures the buyer of defect levels of one defect per 100 sq ft of glass, whereas the Indian standard allows up to 10 times that.
Product range extensions include conventional E glass reinforcements for thermoplastics and thermosets, full range of textile yarn, cement reinforcement, glass-mat (tissue/veil) and a range of technical use fabrics.
Contact: General Delegate Main Office: Army & Navy Building, 1st floor, 148, M.G. Road, Mumbai - 400001. Tel.: 91-22-2844727 Fax no. 91-22-2023711

Sejal Glass Craft Pvt Ltd specializes in solar control glass. The Sejal Kool range of insulating glass units (IGUs) help strike an optimum balance between transparency and thermal insulation and are used as external wall claddings, internal partitions, doors, windows and roof panels for thermal or acoustic insulation, including similar utility in transport, pharmaceutical and refrigeration industries. Hermetically sealed double glass panes are separated by air/gas space with desiccants or molecular sieves inside the spacer to guarantee dryness.
Sejal Tuff is the safety glass range available in clear, tinted and coated versions. j Heat strengthening adds thermal and physical shock protection superior to annealed glass, though it is not a safety glass. Sejal Safe, including interlayered version for UV
protection, is the range of laminated glass, offers sound insulation and security in the standard two-ply construction.
The decor range includes mirrors, panels and partitions in standard and designer requirements.
Contact: Amrut S Gada, Managing Director, Sejal Architectural Glass Ltd & Sejal Glass Craft Pvt Ltd, 50 D Govt. Ind. Estate, Charcop, Kandivli (W), Mumbai 400 067. Tel.: +22-8683304/3035/6115, 8691906. Web:

Toughened glass from Tuffglaze India is manufactured and marketed for advanced, tempered glass wall systems.
Tuffglaze caters directly for the professional architect. Annealed soda-lime silica glass is thermally processed to increase resistance to mechanical and thermal stress. The glass is made to resist and endure, whether it is wind pressure, impact or high temperature. The makers point out that usage of toughened glass has been mad mandatory by most of the developed countries.
Toughglaze aims at professional guidance and exact solutions for all requirements, tailoring its technological strengths to designer creativity. Described as Mumbai's first state-of-the-art glass toughening plant, the package includes glass processing services. Meetings with prospective clients provide insight for the buyer about the type of glass which would best suit their requirements.
The process introduces high compression in the surface and compensating tension in
the centre of the sheet of float glass. The sheet can range in thickness from 3 mm to 19 mm. It is used in building exterior and interior, solar and luminaire systems, automobile glass and appliances such as microwave ovens.
Contact: TuffGlaze India Pvt Ltd, R 601/2, TTC Industrial Estate MIDC, Rabale, Navi Mumbai 400 701. (7604031, 7604038; Fax 91-22-7604049; e-mail:

Vetroarredo Italian glass tiles and bricks are sold in India by Overseas Connexion Ltd. The produce of Florence experiments with diagonal glass blocks which can create an infinite series of geometric patterns on walls and surfaces. The objective is to create rich and personalized spaces.
Contact: Overseas Connexion Ltd. (Distributor) 8/19, W.E.A. 1st Floor, Smile Chambers, Satbharwan Marg, Karol Bagh, New Delhi - 110 005. Tel.: 5763436/5766538/5711761.


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