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Naya Raipur
City in the making

Chhattisgarh is witnessing the formation and evolution of a city with the name 'Naya Raipur'. State of Chhattisgarh was formed in the year 2001. The State Government is proactive in providing and developing opportunities paving the way for inclusive growth. Keeping in mind that the key to fast and rapid development is the formation of urban agglomeration. State Government has took the right step of forming a new capital city 'Naya Raipur' which is being developed in a demarcated region of 50 kms, adjacent to existing Raipur city. The final site was selected after a detailed analysis based on the site suitability criteria with respect to several parameters.

Decisive factors which influenced selection of the site:

A) Better road and rail connectivity has influenced the selection of the site for 'Naya Raipur': Roadways: There are four major roads within the site selection region viz. three National Highways, namely;NH-6, NH-200 and NH-43 and one state Highway i.e.SH-5. Railways: The region enjoys very good railway connectivity. The railway lines run almost parallel to the National and State Highways. The main Mumbai - Howrah railway lines passes through Raipur dividing the region into two halves, namely the Northern and the Southern halves. The other railway lines are from Raipur to Bilaspur and Raipur to Visakhapatnam. Airports: There are three airports in the sub-region. Two of the three existing airports - near Tilda and Jamul are private while the one at Mana is public. The Mana Airport is about 13 km away from the city of Raipur towards the South East. This airport presently has limited facilities.

B) Land Resources: One of the important factors responsible for the selected location is the available of government land mainly in different tehsils of Durg, Dhamdha, Patan, Abhanpur, Tilda and Raipur. High concentration of huge chunks of Government owned land is present along the river Mahanadi near Arang & Abhanpur and between the Baloda Bazar Road and Kharun River. Abhanpur Tehsil on the south-eastern quadrant has some upland / marginal land, which is unsuitable for agriculture. Moreover, this land does not contain the mining areas. Land which is unsuitable for agriculture and with few human settlements are the preferred ones for this project.

C) Environmental Considerations: The mining areas are mostly located to north of the region stretching from northwest to northeast. The cement plant at Siltara is in the northern part of the region and the Bhilai Steel Plant, Borai Industrial growth centre and ACC cement plant are located on the western side of the region along the NH-6. These are the air polluting zone as huge quantities of dust and smoke emanate from the various industrial and mining activities in the region. The predominant wind flow is from the southwest direction. However, in the post-monsoon and winter months the predominant wind direction is from the northeast. The trend starts varying from the month of March and by April the wind direction is form west and southwest. The wind speed in general ranges between 2.9 km. per hr. to 8.69 km. per hr. It is quite evident that the dust and pollution laden air zone stretches from south-west to northeast as these zones contain the mining and the industrial belt. Thus, environmentally the southeastern part of the site selection region is the non-polluting zone and is suitable for the location of the Naya Raipur.

D) Drainage and Effluent Discharge network: In general, the region delineated for site selection has good drainage and irrigation network map. However, the effluent will need to be treated before disposal and this must happen in the downstream area, i.e. towards the northern side. It appears that the SE Quadrant has the potential for a well-planned drainage and effluent discharge system and is, therefore, suitable for locating the city.

E) Economic Catalysts: The presence of industrial growth centers such as ACC and Century Cement plants, Bhilai Steel Plant and presence of airport in the vicinity of the delineated region would acts as an economic catalyst for the overall development of the new Capital City Region.

Naya Raipur Development Authority (NRDA)
NRDA is the nodal agency that would be responsible for the overall development of this new city 'Naya Raipur' which would be located approximately 20 km. east of Raipur, Naya Raipur is wedged between National Highway-6 and National Highway-43 and is in close proximity to the Airport. It covers an area of about 8000 hectares. The Master Plan and urban design of Naya Raipur will reflect the rich culture ethos and and natural beauty of Chhattisgarh. Sustainable design principles have also been followed by responding appropriately to local micro-climate, geography and socio-cultural norms. The new city will provide an enabling environment for the prospective world investors and higher standard of life for its citizens. Naya Raipur will become an administrative capital of Chhattisgarh and would set a precedent for other states to follow. Fruits of planned development will see the light of the day when Naya Raipur would start functioning as a product of long-term vision and proactive policies of the government. It is expected that the new city will serve as an engine of growth for the State and the entire central and eastern India. The city will also emerge as the cultural heart of the State with museums, art galleries, a modern convention centre, exhibition complex and centers for promotion of music, dance and fine arts. Naya Raipur will be one of the 21st century city developed right from the scratch and which will have seamless Air connectivity with all the metro cities of India along with Nagpur, Ranchi, Bhubaneshwar, Vishakhapatnam. This will be facilitated with the upgradation of Raipur Airport as an International Airport. Naya Raipur will be accessible through National Highways NH-6 and NH-43. The city will be an example of planned development which would be more eco-friendly with world class infrastructure. Project also envisages development of Light Rail Transit Systems and dedicated bus corridors for effective internal connectivity. Naya Raipur will be on the information highway right from its inception with seamless broadband connectivity provided through optical fibre cables and Wi-Max connectivity. Naya Raipur Project

? Master plan preparation completed.
? Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation Plan approved by the State Government.
? Architectural plans of Capital Complex in last stages.
? All Government land, totaling about 2000 hectare, taken in to possession by NRDA.
? Road network finalized DPR preparation underway.
? Work on two housing colonies to start in December, 2007.
? Plans for water supply and sewerage services under preparation. People of India especially from the State of Chhattisgarh are looking upon the 'Naya Raipur' city development as a matter of pride with expectation of long term economic benefits in terms of more investment in the State of Chhattisgarh, increase in employment opportunities, setting up of industries catering to local and international markets, establishment of knowledge based industries. We, the people of India would like to see 'Naya Raipur' as a symbol of resurging India across the globe.

Current Opportunities

Naya Raipur Development Authority (NRDA) has taken initiatives to develop Naya Raipur, a greenfield city being planned as the administrative capital of Chhattisgarh, close to Mana Airport, Raipur. In accordance with the vision for developing the new city, NRDA proposes to develop a Theme Township with Golf Course (TTGC), a Five Star Hotel & Convention Centre with Commercial Facilities (FSHCC) and an Information Technology Special Economic Zone (IT SEZ) as the flagship projects. Each project will be implemented on Public Private Partnership (PPP) format on a long term authorization and lease structure through a Special Purpose Company (SPC) to be incorporated by the Developer. NRDA has formed a joint venture company with M/s Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services, named as Naya Raipur Project Development Company Pvt. Ltd. (NRPDCPL) to undertake the project development activities. IL&FS Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (IL&FS IDC) has been appointed as advisors for these projects. Bids are currently invited by NRDA from Individual Firms/ Consortia to Design, Finance, Build, Operate, Manage & Maintain the Projects.

1) Theme Township with Golf Course (TTGC)
? Township on 54 hectare of land with plotted developments and high rise multi-storied apartments.
? World class physical and social infrastructure.
? Golf Course on 105 hectares.
? Golf club and golf academy with an option of low rise villas and other commercial activities. Land area: 159 hectare | Lease period: 99 years. Cost of RFP: Rs 25000/-, RFP will be issued upto 08/11/2007, Submission by 16/11/2007. 2) Five Star Hotel & Convention Centre with Commercial Facilities (FSHCC)
? Five Star Business Hotel with minimum 150 keys.
? Convention Centre with plenary hall for minimum 500 delegates.
? Options for developing Urban Entertainment cum Retail (UER) Zone with maximum 4,00,000 sq.ft. of built up space and Commercial office space of maximum built up of 2,00,000 sq.ft Land area: 11 hectare | Lease period: 60 years. Cost of RFP: Rs 15000/-, RFP will be issued upto 19/10/2007, Submission by 26/10/2007. 3) Information Technology Special Economic Zone (IT SEZ)
? Processing area of 10 hectare
? Ready to occupy, plug & play office space of minimum built up area of 1 lakh sq.m.
? Car parking and support facilities.
? Residential and commercial facilities in the nonprocessing zone. (Formal approval for SEZ has already been obtained from the GoI). Land area: 20 hectare | Lease period: 60 years. Cost of RFP: Rs 10000/-, RFP will be issued upto 19/10/2007, Submission by 26/10/2007.

Project Sponsors Shri S.S. Bajaj, IFS Chief Executive Officer Naya Raipur Development Authority Near Mahanadi Dwar of Mantralaya Raipur - 492 001 Chhattisgarh, India Phone/Fax : +91-771- 406 6011 / 406 6188 Email:

Project Advisors Ms. Rachna Gupta IL&FS Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd. No. 59-B, Sector-2, Gitanjali Nagar, P.O. Shankar Nagar, Raipur-492007
Phone/Fax : +91-771-3252198 / +91-771- 2443040 Mobile : +91-9396544446
Email :,

The Bid Summary of Request for Proposal document along with Term-Sheet of the Authorization Agreement can be downloaded from websites, and

Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs recently approved inclusion of Naya Raipur, a satellite city under JNNURM scheme of things, so that simultaneous cohesive development of Naya Raipur, alongwith existing city of Raipur, is possible. Presently, total area of Naya Raipur comprises of 41 villages. With the inclusion of 'Naya Raipur' in JNNURM, the city will have access to JNNURM funds for its infrastructure development.

* Credits: Sandeep Ravidutt Sharma, Foundation of Infrastructure Research Studies Training (FIRST)



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